Day 7: Rest Day

Today was a rest day, however I did really plan on getting a lot of meal prep done super early in the morning or late at night when Haley was sleeping as I had a date day planned with my hubby….. Well ya…. Haley has been a little bear since getting her 15 month shots at her appointment 2 days ago, and has been having really rough nights and just not getting sleep, and then freaking out and throwing tantrums when awake… So needless to say meal prep on Sunday was impossible.

I did however have a few things that I made last week frozen, so I sat them out to defrost and would have those to help me stay on track for the most part for the beginning of the week.  That is why it is sooo nice to make a few things that you can freeze when meal prepping, so that when times like this arise, you won’t be completely thrown for a loop with absolutely nothing.

Also during my date out today, I did not stay on track with my meal plan.  I went to Fat Heads to eat before seeing a show downtown. I think the name of the restaurant speaks for itself…. Delicious food, just not plan approved.

Day 6: Cardio Flow


Today I was excited to see that the workout was not an hour long and was only 31 minutes…. But instead of being excited, I should have known better. After completing many other of Autumn’s programs I have come to know that shorter workouts, usually only mean that they are going to harder and more intense.

OH MY…. Did that workout kick my you know what!?!?

I felt amazing after I was able to bring myself up off the floor, from catching my breath haha.  But ultimately loved the workout, which is a good thing, since I found out that this workout will remain the same through out the program, then only thing that will change is increasing the reps of each exercise with each new phase. Fun Fun….

So my nutrition was good today, this first week I am working out some of the kinks and doing my best to help set me up for a successful week 2!

Leg Day!!!!


Today was Leg Day, and it literally kicked my Ass, the trainer of this program pushes me and that is what I need.  Today I decided to increase my weights, to really challenge myself, and OMG my legs were shaking! At the end of the workout today I could not wait to drink my recovery drink as I felt I REALLY needed it today.   After working out I carried a laundry bag up 2 flights of stairs that at least weighed 35#, I felt I really could have used an elevator at the time.  Then Haley woke up, so naturally I had to carry her around with me where ever I went (especially after she had to get 3 shots and was extra cuddly after that) , and we probably went up and down the stairs at least 3x, and she weighs 23 pounds now.  So after a super intense leg workout and carrying a 23 pound 15 month old, up / down stairs, and around the rest of the house, my legs feel shot.

Today, my nutrition was off, I did follow the plan part of the day, but then got off track.  I am ready and prepared for a good day tomorrow, and then am going shopping so that week two, I have no distractions, and am ready to go full force 100%!

Day 4- AAA

Yesterday Was AAA which stands for Arms, Abs, and A**…. hahaha so this workout was intense, the part of my body it worked the most was my shoulders to be honest.  There are exercises where you are holding yourself up in plank position, then exercises where you are actually using weights and working your upper body…  It feels so good to be following a structured program again.  After having Haley I could not wait to be cleared to workout again…. Those 6 weeks seriously took forever, and I contemplated trying some light workouts before getting cleared but decided it was best to wait just in case. After being cleared, I completed 2 programs through Hammer and Chisel and Body Beast.  I was feeling great and was confident with myself, then I don’t know what happened, but I got out of my routine, I would go days with out working out, my stress level was at an all time high, I did not like the way my clothes fit, I did not feel sexy at all,  and I felt as if I had no patience for anything.  It was awful… Months ago I was following a few of the coaches in the original test group for this program and could not wait to try it.  I promised myself that I was going to to this program and kick ass at it, and that is what I am going to do! 🙂

Day 3- Cardio Core

Today I just wanted to sleep in a little bit, and didn’t feel like I would function to well on little sleep, so I decided to not get up when my alarm went off at 3:50am.  This again is why I took the time to write up 3 different meal/workout plans for this program.  My days are forever changing and I have to be ready for it if I truly want to take on this journey full force.

It was a work day, I had all of my meals prepped, ready and with me for the entire day.  Then when I got home I had my pre-workout meal of zoodles, turkey meatballs, rice, and crushed red pepper, followed by my all natural, plant based pre-workout.  2 hours later I was ready to go and pressed play.  I may not be the most coordinated, and that is why I probably had to modify the modifier two times because my arms and legs just weren’t comprehending the two different motions.  It wasn’t anything super hard or crazy, I just couldn’t figure it out lol.  Anyways I kept moving and that’s all that matters.  Also today was the first workout that incorporated the sliders….. I am going to have a love hate relationship with those things!!!…..!!!!!…!! They truly do not allow you to cheat in anyway and forces you to engage the right muscles for each exercise which is a good thing but also really makes you work!  Looking at the workout when I woke up I saw it was 40 minutes instead of the normal 60, I was excited for a little bit of a shorter workout but knew I would be in for a “treat” shorter never means easier! (At least with Autumn’s workouts)

After the workout I followed up with my recover, which I have to say I am amazed with how well that stuff is really helping me not be incredibly sore the next day.  I was very skeptical at first but I am a true believer that it is the reason I have been able to push myself so much everyday because I am not super sore the next day to the point that it kills me to stand up out of a chair, like I know it would if I didn’t drink it.

On to day 4!