Stop giving up on yourself!

Yesterday I started a new workout program, it is 100 workouts, and I am following a 60 day Calendar to finish in time for our Florida vacation!  Yes I’ve completed programs before…. Yes I have seen lots of progress…. But the last year had so much going on and my emotional and binge eating got the best of me…. So instead of fighting those emotions and feelings with workouts and healthier options, I would drink bottles of wine and eat lots of pizza and chips with cheese and hot sauce (my total downfall of a snack)….

Needless to say I ended up weighing only 12 pounds less than what I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant…. Meaning I put on about 23 pounds in one year….. My clothes don’t fit. I wear leggings gym clothes and dresses because my cute summer shorts are too uncomfortable. I am tired of feeling sluggish when playing with Haley. Tired of being out of breath going up the stairs.  Tired of feeling awful in my skin and when I look in the mirror.

So yes I have done programs in the past, some I succeeded with and some I have failed… But I have never been this off track in a LONG time. That stopped when I started this program! I have a plan, I have a goal, and I have a reasoning behind why I want to reach that goal.  My goal is to finish these 100 workouts, follow the 60 day calendar, and follow the nutrition plan with one treat a week! I will reach these goals because I refuse to give up on myself. I want to feel comfortable in my skin, I want to wear my clothes (not just the stretchy ones), I want to be able to run all around this neighborhood with Haley and tire her out until bed time.  I most of all don’t want Haley growing up seeing her Mom set goals and failing because she gave up when times got a little tough. I want her to grow up seeing that I am active and give myself self love instead of talking down about how uncomfortable and fat I feel.  I want her to know she needs to take care of her body, to love the skin she’s in, and to know that with hard work and drive she can accomplish anything.

These 100 workouts may not be perfect, but you better damn well know that I am not giving up! I will reach my goal, and make awesome progress over these next 60 days!  I am committed to sharing my journey with you each week, to check in with how the whole journey is going, life, workouts, and nutrition. My before pictures and measurements are taken! 4 workouts down 96 to go!FullSizeRender

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