Organized Chaos

I have always been a person who liked organization,  I like structure, I need to have a plan, and if I didn’t I would kinda go crazy.  I have a calendar I keep with me at all times to know what needs done, paid, and scheduled, I have alarms and reminders set on my phone for things, and just need it to be this way to keep me sane….

Well then came motherhood….. Having a baby that did not know that sleep was a thing and just felt like crying, and crying, and  crying…. Did I mention Crying????

So here I am this person who likes organization, and I am running on very little sleep, doing nonstop laundry, washing never ending dishes, haven’t showered in 2 days, still in my pajamas at 3:00 in the afternoon, couldn’t remember if I brushed my teeth that morning, thinking what in the world we should have for dinner that would be considered somewhat nutritious and acceptable, all while just doing whatever it took to keep this little crazy girl happy and not crying.

I was a hot mess to say the least, I was overwhelmed, stressed, feeling defeated at times, I’d cry just because, I felt like it.  Not knowing if I was doing a good job at being a good mom, or if I should be doing better…

This is when I became a list person. I needed some type of structure in my life to feel I was accomplishing something during the day all while being somewhat organized.   I started off writing everything on a list, dishes, laundry, eating lunch ( half the time I ended up forgetting to), cleaning cat litter, getting the mail, watering the flowers, getting a shower.   Anything I wanted to get done that day went on the list, down to the smallest things like feeding the cats. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and organization that I needed in my life. There is something about crossing things off of a to do list that just makes you feel a little better. That’s why if something wasn’t on my list that day but I did it, I would add it on just to cross it off. Lol

I still make lists for the day, week, month on things that need to get accomplished and also other things that would be nice to get done if I am able. This has helped me so much it saves me from wasting time thinking about what needs done because I have it in front of me, and helps relieve stress knowing that it is ok if some things get pushed over to the next day, life will go on. So early in the morning, during nap time, late at night I can look at my list and say this is what I did, this is what still needs done, and this is what I need to do. It helps you become more intentional with your time, it keeps you focused, and really does help you get more done.

I challenge you for one week to make a daily and weekly list, write down everything that you want to get done, no matter how small the task.  The time that you take to sit down and write out these lists will still end up saving you so much more time during the week ahead since you will know exactly what needs done, and you will get more accomplished.   Make sure to comment below and let me know if this helped you at all, or if you feel this is something you need to start implementing in your daily life.

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