Summer Shred

You say you don’t have time….

…..but you sit down and binge 5 episodes on Netflix, or you sit scrolling your news feed and emails every 5 minutes because you just HAVE TO KNOW everyone’s business.

You don’t have the money….

…. but you’ll go buy a new outfit for your kids that they don’t need, you order dinner out a couple times a month, or you go buy a puppy or a kitty.

It all comes down to if you really want it. If you really want to make a change to lose that 30 pounds, to change the way you eat, to start working out, you will make the time and find the money.

You can wake up a little earlier, go to bed a little later, get something done while your kids take a nap, watch a movie, or read a book. You can cut back on eating out, stopping for coffee, or stop smoking.

If you struggle with time to yourself, or if you want to start a new fitness program and are short on finances, I want you to write down for 1 week, everything you do from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, no matter how small the task. I want you to write down everything you spend money on every single day, down to the penny, including the candy bar you get out of the snack machine.

After that week, we will talk and I will show you where you can find the time, or possibly cut back to afford to get started.

It all comes down to how bad you want it, and how much you really want to change. If you are ready, and want to make that commitment to yourself to live your healthiest life, to the fullest way possible, then the time is now! We start Monday August 13, and are going to finish this summer strong with a 30 day, Summer Shred”. If you are in and ready to make a change, fill out this application and I will be in touch with in 24 hours to get you set up and ready to reach those goals!!!

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