Wanting More Out of Life

Have you ever thought to yourself, that there has to be more to life than going to school, getting a degree, and working at the same type of job up until retirement?

Have you finished school, received a degree for something you thought you would have loved, and once you started working in that field realized that it isn’t all you thought it would be?

Would it be nice to be able to have a little extra income to pay cash for Christmas this year, to not put your kids birthday party on the credit card, or be able to pay off your car a little bit early?

Do you have personal fitness and nutrition goals that you have been wanting to accomplish, but they somehow always get pushed to the side?


Me personally, I can say yes to all of these things…. But I can also say that I have found the solution to them as well. I decided to make a change a year ago, this change has given me self confidence, that I have never had before, it has given me courage to put myself out there and be ok with rejection, it has given me hope that there is something I am truly passionate about and that I can make that my full time reality, and has given me the financial ability to make extra payments on my car, to pay off a credit card, and to buy things for my daughters birthday this year with cash rather than adding it to the debt I already have.


I love the community of positive and uplifting people I have met and been introduced to through out this journey. In a world that is full of negative people who never have anything nice to say, always looking to tear someone down just because, it is reassuring to know that its ok because you now have a family of like minded people that are there and have your back, they are there to support you, pick you up when you’re feeling down, get on you when you start slacking off, and remind you why you started this journey when you are feeling a little down.


If you love living a healthy lifestyle, if you are interested in nutrition, want to strive to always do your best, and be the best version of yourself possible, be a part of a positive and uplifting group of women, and would like to earn an income by doing all of these things, fill out this application and I will show you the way, along with many of the other top leaders on our team.



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