Day 9: Total Body Core

Today I was a day behind as this workout was scheduled for yesterday, but it just didn’t happen.  So I had a list of things to do today that had to get accomplished and writing this blog post is the last thing on that list.  I used today to meal prep everything I need for the rest of the week, cleaned up the house, ordered a few things from the grocery store that I need for the rest of this week (if you have never ordered groceries before, you should it saves so much time and is super convenient), and also got in this workout!

I am using tracker sheets for this program that I write in what color band and the size weights that I am using for each exercise.  So I was able to look back at day one and see what I used, which made it easier to challenge myself more today. I increased the weights and band resistance with all exercises except for 2 (thank God I have my recover to take after these workouts).  It felt so good knowing that I challenged myself and was able to give this workout my all.

I checked in with my team today and told them my struggles for the past two days and how if it weren’t for them I would have probably given up, which is what I have done in the past.  But knowing that they are there for me and if I am not checking in, they will check in on me has really pushed me through these tough times.  Two days of a hiccup does not mean I should throw in the towel, it means I have 72 more days to push through and give the program everything I have.

For the remainder of this program when my alarm goes off at 3:50am I will be up, I will not press the snooze, and I will get my workout done in the morning.  The only reason I would not get in an early workout, is if Haley was for some reason awake at that time.  And if that happens I will get in the workout at some other time through out the day, but it will get done!

So as for tomorrow, I have everything prepped and portioned out, I have my workout clothes laid out, my Shakeology made and in the fridge, and everything ready to grab and go to work, so that I am not running around trying to get things ready.  Everything is in place and ready to go in the morning for Booty Day!

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