Day 8: Total Body Core

Today my alarm went off at 3:50, and I picked up my phone shut off the alarm because I was up pretty much all night with Haley.  She still was having a rough time sleeping and was up around 1 until about 3:30.  So I decided to sleep and told myself I would workout later at night after work.  Haley woke up again around 4:15, and we went downstairs and laid on the couch together, only to fall asleep, and wake up to see the clock say 7:30, when we are supposed to be out the door by 8 to leave for daycare and work….. Days like this are the worst when Haley has such a rough night, and I try so hard to get her to sleep and then when she actually does sleep, I have to wake her up and strap her in the car for a 45 minute drive….

So I took Haley to daycare and I went to work. When I picked her up we had to run two errands before going home, and we ended up getting home around 6:20.  We both then had dinner, by that time it was around 8:00 pm.  Haley needed a bath, and then I tried laying her down around 9…. She was not having it and came downstairs for another 45 minutes until she went back to bed.  Then the Good Doctor was on from 10-11, and I thought about going downstairs at 11 to get in my workout, but was exhausted and didn’t feel like I could do it, so I told myself to just go to bed and do it tomorrow.

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