Day 7: Rest Day

Today was a rest day, however I did really plan on getting a lot of meal prep done super early in the morning or late at night when Haley was sleeping as I had a date day planned with my hubby….. Well ya…. Haley has been a little bear since getting her 15 month shots at her appointment 2 days ago, and has been having really rough nights and just not getting sleep, and then freaking out and throwing tantrums when awake… So needless to say meal prep on Sunday was impossible.

I did however have a few things that I made last week frozen, so I sat them out to defrost and would have those to help me stay on track for the most part for the beginning of the week.  That is why it is sooo nice to make a few things that you can freeze when meal prepping, so that when times like this arise, you won’t be completely thrown for a loop with absolutely nothing.

Also during my date out today, I did not stay on track with my meal plan.  I went to Fat Heads to eat before seeing a show downtown. I think the name of the restaurant speaks for itself…. Delicious food, just not plan approved.

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