Day 6: Cardio Flow


Today I was excited to see that the workout was not an hour long and was only 31 minutes…. But instead of being excited, I should have known better. After completing many other of Autumn’s programs I have come to know that shorter workouts, usually only mean that they are going to harder and more intense.

OH MY…. Did that workout kick my you know what!?!?

I felt amazing after I was able to bring myself up off the floor, from catching my breath haha.  But ultimately loved the workout, which is a good thing, since I found out that this workout will remain the same through out the program, then only thing that will change is increasing the reps of each exercise with each new phase. Fun Fun….

So my nutrition was good today, this first week I am working out some of the kinks and doing my best to help set me up for a successful week 2!

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