Leg Day!!!!


Today was Leg Day, and it literally kicked my Ass, the trainer of this program pushes me and that is what I need.  Today I decided to increase my weights, to really challenge myself, and OMG my legs were shaking! At the end of the workout today I could not wait to drink my recovery drink as I felt I REALLY needed it today.   After working out I carried a laundry bag up 2 flights of stairs that at least weighed 35#, I felt I really could have used an elevator at the time.  Then Haley woke up, so naturally I had to carry her around with me where ever I went (especially after she had to get 3 shots and was extra cuddly after that) , and we probably went up and down the stairs at least 3x, and she weighs 23 pounds now.  So after a super intense leg workout and carrying a 23 pound 15 month old, up / down stairs, and around the rest of the house, my legs feel shot.

Today, my nutrition was off, I did follow the plan part of the day, but then got off track.  I am ready and prepared for a good day tomorrow, and then am going shopping so that week two, I have no distractions, and am ready to go full force 100%!

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