Day 3- Cardio Core

Today I just wanted to sleep in a little bit, and didn’t feel like I would function to well on little sleep, so I decided to not get up when my alarm went off at 3:50am.  This again is why I took the time to write up 3 different meal/workout plans for this program.  My days are forever changing and I have to be ready for it if I truly want to take on this journey full force.

It was a work day, I had all of my meals prepped, ready and with me for the entire day.  Then when I got home I had my pre-workout meal of zoodles, turkey meatballs, rice, and crushed red pepper, followed by my all natural, plant based pre-workout.  2 hours later I was ready to go and pressed play.  I may not be the most coordinated, and that is why I probably had to modify the modifier two times because my arms and legs just weren’t comprehending the two different motions.  It wasn’t anything super hard or crazy, I just couldn’t figure it out lol.  Anyways I kept moving and that’s all that matters.  Also today was the first workout that incorporated the sliders….. I am going to have a love hate relationship with those things!!!…..!!!!!…!! They truly do not allow you to cheat in anyway and forces you to engage the right muscles for each exercise which is a good thing but also really makes you work!  Looking at the workout when I woke up I saw it was 40 minutes instead of the normal 60, I was excited for a little bit of a shorter workout but knew I would be in for a “treat” shorter never means easier! (At least with Autumn’s workouts)

After the workout I followed up with my recover, which I have to say I am amazed with how well that stuff is really helping me not be incredibly sore the next day.  I was very skeptical at first but I am a true believer that it is the reason I have been able to push myself so much everyday because I am not super sore the next day to the point that it kills me to stand up out of a chair, like I know it would if I didn’t drink it.

On to day 4!

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