1/16/18 -Day two

Today my alarm was set for 3:50 am again, however Haley’s alarm must have been set for the same time as she woke up at 3:48 am and did not want to go back to sleep…. (story of my life lol)  So I brought her down to the couch, gave her a drink and some yogurt, then we laid on the couch together and watched Elmo the Musical 1 and 2 and she finally fell asleep but only while laying on the living room floor.  (I don’t know how she sleeps the way she does sometimes)  She fell asleep on the floor and I fell asleep on the couch until about 8am.

I used to be able to workout when Haley was awake when she would just hang out on her boppy pillow and watch me while laughing sometimes, or when she was crawling and I could keep an eye on her… But now she is pretty much running, and her favorite thing to do in the basement is to run to the stairs and climb them.  I am able to block the stairs for now with my workout bench, but then she runs behind the drumset, over near the free weights, or decides to climb all over me and makes it impossible to get in a workout lol. So when she woke up we played, had breakfast, and when she laid down for a nap I completed day 2 which was Booty day.

Oh my! Those 3 little bands that I use are not innocent, they totally make you work, and I felt the burn so much more than what I would have if I were using weights. Actually todays workout did not consist of using any weights, it was all band work, and it was intense.

I stuck to my timed nutrition 100% and it feels so good. I can already tell a difference just by the way I feel with detoxing from all the crap I ate over the holidays and they week/weekend before starting this program!

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