Day 1: 1/15/18

Today was day 1 of 80 day obsession, I have never been so excited to start a new fitness program than I was this morning.  My alarm was set for 3:50am and usually when it is set that early I press snooze a few times and end up sleeping too long that I end up missing the time window that I can fit in an early morning workout.  However today, I was able to jump right up and start my day.  I started off with my pre-workout meal which consisted of spinach with scrambled eggs and oatmeal ( I am usually not one to eat before I workout, and especially eat that much that early in the morning, but I did it).  I had my energize and went downstairs and did the first workout, Total Body Core.

Holy crap I have been spoiled with 30 – 40 minute workouts for the past year, and 60 minutes really takes it to an entire other level.  I was sore, I had to modify, I had to press pause to keep up with some of the exercises, but I finished it, and that is what matters.  I could already feel my arms starting to feel sore right after the workout. After the workout I finished up with a serving of fruit and my recover to help keep the sore muscles at a minimum.

I went to work, followed my plan to a T, and then went to visit my pap at the hospital.  I had my grilled chicken spinach salad in the car for me to eat for dinner.  However my grandma hadn’t eaten since before lunchtime and hadn’t been eating much lately anyways.  It has been a struggle to keep her eating much with everything going on, so when she said she would eat something I said ok, we went down to the cafeteria and I figured I could find something there that was similar to what I planned on eating, but it was closed early for the holiday.  I didn’t want to leave her with out having her eat something especially since she was the one that said she would eat.  So I offered to pick her up a pizza at pizza hut because that is always a sure bet, and she agreed only if I would share it with her.  lol  I didn’t want to screw up my plan at the very end of the day, but I knew it would be ok just one meal at the beginning and that I would follow it 100% the next day. I went and picked up the pizza and shared it with her, and my pap even ate almost a full piece as well.  So I don’t regret eating it at all.

I went to bed that night feeling satisfied that I completed my workout and had a great first day!

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