80 Day Obsession Prep

So this weekend was spent doing A LOT of meal prep, planning, scheduling, and more meal prep. I have never truly fully committed to a program, the workouts and meal plan together. I have no issue with following a workout plan, as scheduled. My issue is always the food part, I will stay on track and follow it 75-80% but never 100%.

I made a commitment to myself this year that I am going to finish this program from Day 1 to Day 80, 100%, and I will be sharing my journey with you daily.

My ideal plan is to workout in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up, but I know that won’t always happen, so I made 2 back up schedules with me working out in the afternoon or the evening, for those days it just isn’t going to work in the morning.

This weekend I meal prepped for not only me, but also for Haley and Mike as well, so we have food for all meals for the week, plus some. I think this is the first time I have truly meal prepped, having every single meal planned, prepped, and portioned out ahead of time. I am so excited to start this tomorrow, and share this journey with all of you. Now it is time for bed because a 3:50am alarm will be here all too soon.

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