Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice.

When starting something new it can be scary, you are afraid to fail, afraid to disappoint yourself or others, sometimes you can even be afraid of what happens if you actually succeed.  You will have bumps along the way, some days and weeks will be a lot harder than others, you will want to give up and quit, but don’t.  No one has ever been successful with out failing at some point.  The difference will be whether you decide to let those obstacles tear you down and you give up, or if you use them to make you stronger and go even harder towards your goals.

I am learning new things every day, I am constantly listening to audiobooks, reading new documents, and doing trainings on how to better myself and to become a stronger coach to help others succeed towards their goals.

I have had to put myself out there in many ways that made me come out of my shell and try new things that scarred the hell out of me.  Worrying about what people would think, worrying if there was someone I wasn’t going to be able to help and look like a failure coach, worrying that I would not be able to answer someones questions.  Stupid stuff that honestly didn’t matter.  By not knowing something or making a mistake it makes you learn new and better ways to do them.

Me the quiet girl who was always told she was too quiet, has put herself out there and accomplished so much over these past two years.  I am now a coach of my own health and fitness team, I am able to help other women realize their potential and know that they are strong enough and capable of achieving their goals and dreams.  I have created a strong team of women working and motivating each other to achieve their goals, started running my own challenges and trainings, am developing a community of women that want to become stronger and more confident in themselves. During this process it has been a lot of feeling overwhelmed, feeling that everything I have been doing would not be worth it, and giving up has crossed my time multiple times.  The difference is that I chose to keep going and not give up, I chose to take those feelings of doubt and uncertainty to learn more and make myself a better person.

When things get tough you have a choice… You can choose to give up and go back to living your life the way you were before you decided you were going to make a change.  Or you can use those tough times to build, learn more, and get better at what it is you do! I promise if you choose to continue and push on you will not regret it!blog

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